Pentwater Sportfishing Association

Our Past Program Success

The Pentwater Sportfishing Association co-sponsored the annual Take-A-Kid Fishing Program that was organized by the Wegner family for 24 years. PSA members provided their boats and time to make sure that local kids had a successful day on Lake Michigan. The TAKF Program helped hundreds of kids learn fishing and boating skills that will last a lifetime. Every PSA member who participated with the program cherishes memories of favorite trips and kids along with great catches.

The PSA Board of Directors and general membership thought it was only fitting to continue supporting youth in Oceana County even with the discontinuation of the TAKF Program. After consultation with the Wegner Family, it was determined that PSA would establish the Whitey Wegner Memorial 4-H Scholarship Fund in Oceana County and work with the local 4-H office to provide monetary support for local youth who attend programs or events. The program will give preference to Oceana County 4-H youth who are interested in natural resource issues – particularly aquatic issues. PSA will provide funding to help those 4-H youth attend camps, training sessions, and conferences that will aid them in their educational growth and understanding of earth/science issues and topics.

Should you care to make a donation to the Whitey Wegner Memorial 4-H Scholarship Fund, simply contact a PSA Director or earmark your check or contribution. The Scholarship Fund accounting will be separated from the PSA general fund and reports will be available to general PSA membership. The PSA Board of Directors is hopeful that PSA membership will support this program in lieu of donating boat use for the TAKF Program. With our contributions, we can build this Scholarship Fund into something meaningful for local 4-H youth.

As always, we thank you for your generosity and support of PSA programs, along with this special recognition for the efforts of the Wegner family.


Whitey Wegner Memorial 4-H Scholarship Fund