Pentwater Sportfishing Association

1.  To render assistance to boaters in distress or in time of need.

2.  To maintain a high standard of cleanliness and concern for our fishing waters.

3.  To be considerate of docked boats and property owners in Pentwater Lake in regard to boat speed and wakes.

4.  To give as much leeway as possible to fishermen along the channel breakwalls.

5.  To know the rules of operation for your boat and of your radio equipment.

6.  Endeavor to provide a good image of the association and yourself to the general public.

7.  To maintain total truth in relating fishing experiences in public places where others might overhear your conversation.

8.  Always try to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

psa code of ethics

The purpose of the Association is to provide a forum for its members to express their ideas, concerns and interest as they relate to the development, protection and general promotion of sportfishing in Pentwater and adjacent Lake Michigan; to serve as an action group to propagate the common interest of its members.

Our mission

Welcome to PSA

As a group of amateur fishermen, we're always game for some fun on the water. From early May, until late fall, we have the information ready to help you have a great fishing experience in Pentwater.

Founded in 1983, PSA believes that sportfishing is a major part of the recreational and tourist appeal of Pentwater and that sportfishing has a major positive economic impact upon the Village of Pentwater, Oceana County, and the West Coast of Michigan.

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