Pentwater Sportfishing Association

Official PSA Scale Locations / Contacts To Weigh Your Catch

George Cornell - Reel Dancer Boat  - 517-490-4322 - (At Charlie's Marina)

Capt. Dave German - Bad Habits Boat - 616-889-4300 (At City Marina)

Capt. Dan Gettings - Keeping It Reel Boat - 989-948-3388 (At Charlies' Marina)

Capt. Brent Daggett - Sportsman Charter - City Marina

The Pines Motel - N. of Town - 231-869-5128

Slammer - 4.95# Brown Trout - 6/2/19

                        WIN AND BETTE MATTESON annual big fish contest

                                                                   May 25 to August 23, 2019

Thanks to the generosity of Win and Bette Matteson, a plaque PLUS a cash prize of $100 will be awarded to the winners of our Annual Big Fish Contest, listed below.  These cash prizes are given in recognition and memory of our numerous PSA members who have contributed so much to our organization and our fishing family in Pentwater.   Remember those who have passed with kindness and keep their memories alive with stories of past fishing exploits and great days on the Big Lake. 

      Class:            King Salmon              Lake Trout             Brown Trout             Steelhead               Coho Salmon

           Boat:              Producer                  Sculpin                     Slammer                   sculpin          

      Member:          lyn snider                Al belson                Dan allen               al belson

          Weight:              25.60#                     15.25#                          4.95#                          6.10#                                     

                                                  STANDINGS as of 6/2/2019

Producer - 25.6# King - 5/25/19