Pentwater Sportfishing Association

Pentwater sportfishing association challenge

50/50 side bet - "Put up or shut up"

May 25 - 27, 2024 Memorial Weekend Fishing Derby


1.  Entry Fee $10.00 per Registered Boat prior to fishing.  Registration Closes at 8pm - May 24

     All Registered Boats must be current paid PSA Member

2.  50/50 Challenge coincides with Memorial Weekend Derby and all Derby Rules Apply

     Weigh-in times are the same as for the Derby

3.  Boat must leave from and return to Pentwater Harbor.  All Fish must be caught from a boat.

4.  Weigh ONLY 3 fish during derby (2-Salmon & 1-Trout) or (1-Salmon and 2-Trout) per registered boat.

     Cannot have 3 of same species.

     Captain will declare when and which fish will count at time of weigh-in.

5.  Winner determined by highest overall weight

     In case of a tie - earliest weighed total wins.

6.  50% of total entry fees collected will go to winning boat and 50% to PSA.

     Winner announced at Awards ceremony on Monday, May 29.

     Need not be present to win.

7.  Any disputes will be settled by PSA Derby Committee and are final.

8.  Sign-up:   Registration Gazebo, Village Marina, Friday, May 24, 4pm to 8 pm.

     Must be registered before fishing derby starts.

Contact for Questions:

Any PSA Director / Officer